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"My daughter Katie had lessons with Owain for three years and in that time she improved dramatically, gaining a distinction in every exam she took. Owain also encouraged Katie to audition for the county youth orchestra, which she did successfully, and it is because of his encouragement that Katie has developed a real passion for music as a whole and it is now a big part of her life. Owain was a great teacher, and what I really noticed was how he developed Katie's playing not just technically, but as a performer."
Julia P.

"My two children really get along with Owain. He is patient, gives instructions in a way that is easy to understand and encourages them to have fun while learning. He challenges them to improve all the time. Technique and theory are taught side by side which really help in their playing. I am very happy with their progress in these two years learning with Owain. He always creates opportunity for them to play in front of others. That really built up their confidence and interest in learning."
Mrs Ang

"Mr Sutton taught me violin from Year 8 to Year 11, during which time he really helped me, particularly by improving my technique and building my confidence greatly. It was always very clear how much he loved what he was teaching and how much he knew about it. He always encouraged me, both as a violinist and as a musician as a whole, by suggesting orchestras to join, concerts to go to, and by being interested in other things I was learning. He was very good at pinpointing problems and finding practical solutions that suited me. He was extremely understanding and a huge inspiration."

"Mr Sutton taught me violin up to Grade 7, which I passed with distinction. He was very friendly, clear to understand and not at all intimidating. You could see he was knowledgeable and passionate about the music."
Eva, currently studying music at King’s College London

Starting violin at age 31 was a little intimidating but Owain made me feel extremely comfortable and didn't in any way teach me in a method inappropriate to my age. He openly advised from the very start, recommending an instrument to buy and giving me all the advice I needed to get going from scratch. His tuition guided me to a distinction in the first graded exam I've ever taken. His thorough passion for the instrument is evident at all times and his knowledge of music history helps give the instruction a relevance which is very inspiring.

"Owain Sutton taught me for four years (from age 10 to 14), and was a very supportive and encouraging teacher. It is thanks to his suggestion that I swapped from violin to viola, which got me where I am today; I passed my grade 8 a few months ago and am still playing with enthusiasm! He also helped my sister and me get involved with the local string ensembles and eventually the county youth orchestra, which helped me develop as a player and was a great experience. I would definitely recommend Owain to players of all abilities looking for tuition."

"Owain is an excellent teacher, very serious about his music but friendly and able to relate well to pupils of different ages. As a parent I found it helpful that he always explained what was going on in my children's lessons, how they were progressing and the reasons for the decisions that were made about choice of exam pieces, exam timing and so on. I was very sorry to lose him as my children's teacher when he moved out of the area."
H. Fields

"I think Owain teaches us in a fun way and I am very pleased at the progress I have made."

"Over the years I've known Owain, I've found him not only to be an highly skilled teacher but also a superb violinist, gaining the respect of both students and colleagues. A man who really practices what he teaches!"
Mike P., former colleague

"Owain is a very good teacher. I have a lot of respect for the warmth and patience that underpins his approach to his craft. Anyone can teach, not everyone can share their joy in the process so readily."