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This is a fun book to use! It introduces a wide variety of styles, from slow jazz melodies through to lively blues and ragtime. It's very useful for players who've started position-changing and ready to begin work on vibrato, and makes good use of other technical challenges such as double stopping. It also offers opportunities for improvisation in some pieces, rather than always sticking to the notes on the page.

As always, Edward Huws Jones has created excellent arrangements, with very clear and useful indications of bowing and fingering, plus violin accompaniments as well, for variety.

Being a collection of well-known tunes, there's plenty of recordings available. Spotify users can browse a selection of them here, some being similar to those in the book, while others are remarkably different. A useful starting-point for discussing the flexible roles of composer, performer and arranger.

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Image of Jazz, Blues & Ragtime: Violin and Piano - Complete
Publisher: Boosey & Hawkes Music Publishers Ltd (1994)
Binding: Paperback, pages